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Fear of cancer rises from double standards and hypocrisy of the corporate media and cancer industry

Did you know that almost 45% of all Americans are diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetimes while 25% die from cancer? You probably knew that part, but based on a study published by the Harvard University School of Public Health, unhealthy and toxic lifestyle factors such as poor nutritional diet, lack of exercise, carcinogens in the environment, smoking and obesity are responsible for 65% of cancer deaths.

Fear of cancer

For whatever the reason we’ve become a society driven based on fear and the media corporations do an outstanding job creating and distributing fear and misinformation among people.

Fear of cancer is forcing many people to over-react without fully understanding it. You never see an animal in nature suffering from cancer unless they live with human beings.

angelina jolie gets mastectomy

Recently the famous celebrity Angelina Jolie got a double mastectomy for cancer prevention. Although the media corporations and many others believe that her decision was “courageous”, “brave”, “smart”, “heroic” or “helpful”, the reality is that no one wants to know why the rates of cancer as well as other diseases have skyrocketed in the last few decades.

Human DNA or gene hasn’t changed but corporations like Monsanto, Dow and DuPont have caused and released many of the environmental toxins and wastes and these toxin have drastically increased in our air, soil and water supply.

The cliché stories and titles such as “preventative bilateral mastectomy champion” or “Angelina Jolie story could help others” are taken out of the context and are misrepresented. Majority of women who get breast cancer, are simply the victims of the environmental toxins - NOT genetics.

According to media resources Angelina Jolie had a mutation that puts her at very high risk for getting breast cancer at some point in her life time. Although genetic testing can determine whether or not you have a genetic mutation, it cannot predict if you will develop breast cancer.

So this whole hypocrisy that women's breasts are their enemies and women should cut their breasts for cancer prevention and a cancer free life sounds so despicable because the cancer industry is more likely to kill you than your breasts. The giant medical corporations make billions of dollars off of misinformed women who celebrate maiming themselves.

Cancer doesn’t only live in breast and more importantly maiming and cutting yourself isn’t empowerment. An empowered woman will take care of her body by exercising and eating good nutritious foods. Worse than anything is how the medical cruelty is welcomed and often even celebrated in our society and now many women are regarding Angelina Jolie as courageous or smart considering that the chances of breast cancer can simply be reduced to 87% by using vitamin D! While these so called medical surgeon and male doctors scar women to death, none of them are willing to remove their testicles for lowering the risk of testicular cancer!

But despite all the evidence to the contrary, the preventative double mastectomies are becoming increasingly appealing and plastic surgeons can now save the nipple and much of the breast skin and fill it with implants.


However according to reuters.com, silicone breast implants can cause their own complications and need additional surgery within 10 years to address complications such as rupturing that can increase chances of rare form of cancer.

In US alone the breast reconstruction surgeries and implants have increased to almost half a million a year making breast implant number one cosmetic surgery procedure in the country. However, in many cases, the silicone gel has high rupture rate even despite the claims of most plastic surgeons who insist that their methods are safe and non-toxic.

In fact, the rupture in the breast implant can cause severe inflammation, permanent scar tissue and even cancer. A report by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) shows how tumors can develop around the breast implants only in response to their presence. According to NCBI both solid silicone and the gel are carcinogenic and can significantly increase the chances of breast cancer.

So why the corporate media openly talks about double mastectomies, breast implant and chemotherapy but not alternative cancer therapies and nutrition?

Many people know that if you put a wrong fuel in your car, your car won’t run for too long. But when it comes to nutrition the giant agribusinesses and the media, both synergistically, create misinformation to manipulate the truth and distract people’s minds about the importance of nutritious food.

The truth is that white processed sugar in food is the new cocaine and is number one cause of cancer in men, women and children. Cancer is big business for the medical industry run by pharmaceutical companies, lawyers and the government and the last thing that the media and big Pharma are interested are alternative cancer therapies or nutrition.

The sad part is that toxic foods are regulated safe by giant agribusinesses who are only interested in making money and profit at the expense of our health and well-being.  

FDA on the other hand, doesn’t do any studies on its own and completely relies on the studies that are presented to them by giant agribusinesses. But what difference does it make since the corporations have already bought and paid for the governmental agencies like FDA.

If you think that’s a cynical comment, then what is the reason behind selecting people in key governmental positions who have previously worked or lobbied for toxic producing companies like DuPont and Monsanto who poison everything that you and your family eat?

Genes might be a small contributing factor to cancer compared to an increasing number of pesticides, chemicals and GMOs in our air, water and food supply


Also FDA who is supposed to regulate your food has turned into number one sponsor of terrorism. Recently FDA raided a cancer clinic in Oklahoma that provided alternative therapies for patients. They stole all the drugs that were purchased by patients and shut down the clinic. In fact, FDA has had a long history of violation of human’s rights and raiding organic rawsome stores for selling raw milk.

But I wonder why those who believes that double mastectomy is entirely up to a person’s freedom of choice are having a hard time to respect people’s choice to alternative cancer therapies or raw milk?  

In fact, FDA prefers to regulate most cancer causing foods and products and call them GRAS “Generally Regarded as Safe” and the media corporations prefer not to focus on toxic foods and preservatives that are causing autoimmune system disorder and diseases like cancer.

When was the last time that GMOs, preservatives and toxic additives made a big headline in the news? Or when was the last time that you heard someone could overcome cancer by nutrition and natural supplements? May be the big giant corporate media knows that if people become aware that eating raw organic foods and natural and herbal remedies can almost cure and heal all the man-made diseases there would be no place for them and their propaganda.

I hope that one day the giant media corporations like CNN, ABC and CBS would promote the stories of those who overcame deadly illnesses like cancer simply through nutrition and natural supplement in the same way that that they promote double mastectomy of a celebrity for prevention.

However, I doubt if such thing will ever happen, since the giant pharmaceutical and drug companies are running the whole show. By the end of a day, cancer is big business and the medical industry makes billions of dollars by managing your illness and at the same time giving you the illusion of health. The so called “medical industry” is now run by insurance companies, lawyers, accountants and the government who instead of looking after the best interests of the patients are looking after corporate profitability.

"Angelina Jolie is now Inspiring women to maim themselves" - Cutting your breasts isn’t exercising your freedom

Bottom line, the fear of cancer and corporate tyranny are driving our society crazy enough to make irrational decisions. The TRUTH is that you should do anything and everything to SAVE your BOOBS not CUTTING them.

The cancer industry, media corporations, giant agribusinesses and big Pharma use scare tactics to convince women to cut off their breasts as solution. Worse than anything is the whole movement of “empowering women” which is misguided by the giant media corporations who don’t give a damn about women and their health. They know that fear makes billions of dollars and the cancer industry wants you to exercise your freedom by cutting your breasts as much as the junk food industry wants you to exercise your freedom by eating junk foods.

It is almost ridiculous that in the age of technology where there are countless resources on how to prevent cancer, cutting a part of women’s body is celebrated and even labeled as “exercising women's freedom or rights”. Angelina Jolie had a rare cancer gene such as “BRCA1” which can be kept under control by nutrition and health lifestyle. It is so despicable that the big media and cancer industry are now starting a movement which represents “freedom of choice for powerful and beautiful women” who are willing to cut a part of their body for preventing something that can be prevented by health life style choices.

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