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In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I’m going to talk about superfoods. Superfoods are found naturally in the nature and are high in nutrients, minerals, vitamins and live enzymes with many health benefits. Superfoods are usually a high source of antioxidants, manganese, fiber, vitamin C, pterostilbene (which can decrease the cholesterol level) and anthocyanins. Superfoods are low in calories, high in fiber and most of the time grown organically.


Imagine if you could have a food every day that would help to boost your energy level and reduce fat in your body. Superfoods are highly efficient for lowering the cholesterol level, reducing heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Superfoods are high in nutrients that can balance the mood, decrease depression, detoxify the body from free radicals, environmental pollution or heavy metals and prevent malnutrition. I have divided superfoods into 5 categories of green superfoods, seaweed superfoods, herb superfoods, bee superfoods, fruit and nut superfoods. There are also other superfoods such as cacao beans, avocado, tea and omega 3-rich wild fish.

Omega 3 fatty acids in fish can lower the risk of heart disease, reduce cholesterol level, reduce the chances of clogging the arthritis, improve memory loss like Alzheimer’s and reduce depression, stress, fatigue and mood swings. Wilde salmon (not farmed), sardines, mackerel and herring are full of omega 3 monounsaturated fats. Tea is also another superfood. The power of antioxidants in black tea is the same as green tea, but green tea has a very powerful antioxidant called “ECGC” that can inhabit cancer growth. In Japanese study a group of people who had green tea had lower level of cholesterol comparing to those who didn’t. Superfoods also help to reduce inflammation, lower the blood pressure, protect body from toxins and help to burn body fat by regulating metabolism. Don't you think and agree that superfoods should be a part of our kids every day's diet at school?

"Foods with plenty of trace minerals (edible wild plants, bee pollens, seeds, superfoods, organic seaweeds, etc.) should be included in the diet of children and pregnant mothers. A very important addition for mothers and young children is the raw, vegetarian form of "fish oil" that is actually algae oil or DHA. This oil helps to promote: proper brain formation, increased intelligence, excellent eyesight, strong nerves and the alleviation of depression. An ample supply of vitamin B12 is also vital for the nerve health of breastfeeding mothers and growing children."

- David Wolfe





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