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Run for a cure, walk for a cure, but can someone just stop, turn around, look back and look for a cause?

Everyday our bodies are exposed to an increasing number of untested chemicals in our environment, food, air and water supply. There are a large number of independent research studies about the health problems caused by the untested yet assumed "safe" chemicals produced by the giant chemical and biotech companies.

Some of these studies performed by the collaborative scientific community have shown serious health risks associated with these chemicals and pesticides.


You might also be aware that these giant eight pesticide companies are also the world largest pharmaceutical companies and biggest world biotech companies. These large pesticide companies also the largest producers of the world’s treatments for cancer, diabetes and many other health problems. Ironically, these pharmaceutical and chemical treatments mostly focus on treatment instead of focusing on what’s causing the diseases.

Beside the increasing number of chemicals and pesticides in our food supply, the biotech companies are now genetically modifying our foods and seeds. No long term independent studies have been performed to evaluate the long term effect of genetically modified organisms and a few independent studies that have warned the public about all the possible health risks of GMOs have been shut down or suspended.

Somehow these giant companies are now in control and make decisions on what’s safe or unsafe for public’s consumption based on their own few short term (self-funded) tests and studies.

Thanks to the biotech industry what used to be a good nutritious food is now considered a fetish life style and has been replaced by pesticide ridden foods, processed foods and GMOs. Healthy food is not conventional or the standard and should not be 'expected' to be the norm.

Many processed and unprocessed foods are now being genetically modified including the most famous baby’s infant formulas and breakfast cereals. It appears that Monsanto and their buddies don’t care at all that our kids are being used as guinea pigs of their laboratory while they themselves eat organic foods and don’t touch their own products.

Top 20 Foods and Products that have been Genetically Modified 

The hypocrisy involved in these companies is ironic while it is facetious. They make a fortune by selling products that cause diseases like cancer while they profit from the other end which is treating the diseases.

Have you ever noticed that the household pets or animals in the laboratory suffer from diseases like cancer but you never find an animal in the wild suffering from cancer, hmm…. I wonder why?

How can we revolt against the pesticide empire?


The only way to show that we are not willing to accept the increasing number of pesticides and chemicals and genetically modified organisms in our food supply is to boycott the products of these eight big pesticide companies including Dow, DuPont, Monsanto, Imperial Chemical Industries, Novartis, Rhone Poulenc, Bayer and Hoechst.
Instead support your local co-op store near where you live and shop at farmer’s market or a local farm. Together we can put an end to this Pesticide Empire. You can make a difference. As Edmund Burke once said” all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. If enough people hadn’t protested against dioxin which is called the most toxic and poisonous small molecule on the planet by scientists, Monsanto and Dow would be still selling their leftover Agent Orange stocks that contaminated more than 4.8 million Vietnamese civilians and many US soldiers.



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