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How to boost your immune system?

We all want to enjoy a stronger immune system and be able to live a good quality of life. But the pressure of the modern life style, drastic changes in our diet, increase in level of hormones, chemicals and GMOs in our food supply, lack of relaxation and physical activity and constant stress or pressure can seriously affect our mental and physical health and well-being.


At the same time, many people who are working or are retired and are concerned about increase in cost of living and doubts about effectiveness of the healthcare system that its entire focus is making money not healing.

More and more people are becoming aware that the carcinogens in our food supply and chemicals in drugs are actually making us sick and many are seeking natural alternatives so once again they can experience and enjoy a life that is drug and pain free.

By the end of the day, aren’t we all working hard to enjoy an optimum health and improve the quality of life for ourselves and our loved ones?

The Medicinal Benefits of Herbs

The medicinal benefits of herbs have been known for many centuries by Native Indians, Persians, Romanian, Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians. However, during the 20th century, more and more Americans have become dependent on synthetic and commercial drugs for curing diseases. But in the last 15 years, the side effect of synthetic drugs and the desire of many people to be in charge of their own health have led to new discoveries and new scientific research about herbs and their power of healing.


Nature is full of abundance and many herbs in nature have rich compounds and organs that can be effective for treating, preventing and curing many diseases including cancer.

The medicinal herbs are divided into two categories: tonic herbs and stimulating herbs.

Tonic herbs help the organs, tissues or cells in the body to keep a balance or tone throughout the body by delivering essential nutrients and helping the body to function properly.

Stimulating herbs are much stronger than tonic herbs and should be taken for shorter period of time and in smaller does. The recent research and studies indicate that “Phytomedicinals” are the true healing power of herbs.

Phytomedicinals refer to the power of the herbal plant as whole, not a single isolated chemical compound.

Phytomedicinals are very well known in Europe and in Germany they are known as “ethical drugs”. In US, Phytomedicinals are sold as dietary supplements in health food stores. The good news is that, more and more Americans are discovering the power of medicinal herbs and today nearly over 50 million Americans use herbal supplements.

Today, based on the studies by the World Health Organizations over 80% of the world population depend on plants for treating common illnesses.



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