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Chromium / Copper / Iodine

In this section of SeattleOrganic Restaurant I’m going to talk about health benefits of chromium, copper and iodine.


Chromium: Chromium stabilizes blood sugar level by insulin utilization. Chromium is very helpful for people with diabetes and hypoglycemia. Low level of chromium can cause artery diseases. During pregnancy additional higher levels of chromium is needed for fetus growth and healthy level of the mother's blood sugar. Most of Americans have chromium deficiencies because the high level of sugar in diet can cause chromium loss in the body and not many foods have chromium. Also some people do not like foods that have chromium and chromium is not easily absorbed in many foods. Lack of chromium in soil, water and diet (which is mostly white stuff, sugar and junk) can cause imbalances in blood sugar.

Chromium deficiency can cause diabetes, anxiety, fatigue and inadequate metabolism of amino acids. Excessive amounts of chromium can cause dermatitis, kidney or liver dysfunction and gastrointestinal ulcers. Chromium can be found in yeast, cheese, meat, brown rice and whole grains. Chromium can also be found in corn, corn oil, eggs, mushrooms, potatoes, dairy products and beans. Herbals such as licorice, nettle, oat, wild yam, yarrow and red clover contain chromium.

Copper: Copper enhances the formation of bones, healing process, enhancing air and skin and formation of red blood cell and hemoglobin. Combination of copper with vitamin C and zinc forms an essential skin protein called “elastin”. Also copper promotes the formation of “collagen” which is a fundamental protein for skin and bone formation.

Copper deficiencies can cause muscle and joint pain, depression, irritability, vomiting and nausea. Large amounts of copper also can cause nervousness, nausea, vomiting, muscle, joint pain, depression and irritability. Copper is used in cookware and food sources such as barely, beans, avocados, broccoli, mushrooms, nuts, oranges, pecans, salmon, seafood, green leafy veggies and soybeans.

Iodine: Iodine regulates metabolism and improves mental and physical health and wellbeing. Iodine deficiencies can cause breast cancer, weight gain, fatigue and mental retardation in children. Excessive amount of iodine can cause swollen glands, vomiting, diarrhea and sore mouth. Iodine can be found in seafood, iodized salt, dulse, garlic, sesame, seeds, soy beans, spinach, chard and spinach.



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