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Junk foods are addictive and are "designed" to be addictive

You may ask yourself why most people have a hard time changing their diet even if they know what they are eating is toxic to their health. Well, the truth is that the food corporations spends millions of dollars on research to find out the combination of ingredients, additives and preservatives that are addictive and familiar to human taste. These toxic foods, additives and preservatives trigger the center of the brain so people get sudden pleasure after consuming them.

While no one in their right mind enjoys being obese or have chronic diseases ranging from heart problems to cancer or diabetes, many Americas find it almost impossible to change their eating habits. Today, America, the most industrialized nation on the planet is also one of the sickest.


In the last few years, the cost of health-care has gone up drastically. If obesity increases as the current rate, the costs of health care by 2018 will increase to 300 billion dollars.

Right to Sell Junk Foods to our Kids

With the increase in number of chronic diseases & the healthcare cost, it's ironic that the food corporations & its financial beneficiaries try to convince the public that the liberal media shouldn't tell people what to eat and people should have freedom to choose junk foods if they want. But somehow the junk food industry that supports freedom of choice (when it comes to junk food) spends $46 million against the will of 93% of all Americans not to put a label on GM foods.

Also despite 15 trillion dollar GDP a year, the American politicians choose to subsidize obesity and make junk foods cheap and available for working and the middle class income families. Many kids in poor neighborhoods in America grow up on a bag of chips and cheetos while food corporations sell the notion of being a proud American that has freedom of choice when it comes to junk foods.

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Why people can't stop eating the whole bag of Chips, Cheetos or salty snacks?

Like any other addiction such as drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, people are also addicted to salt, fat and sugar. Adding salt and sugar gives junk foods flavor and taste. They also trigger the center of the brain so people feel sudden pleasure after consuming sugary or salty snacks.

Excessive salt consumed occasionally, is usually excreted though urine by your kidneys. However, the kidneys cannot get rid of excessive salt regularly in the body and too much salt is built up and it can result in potassium deficiency, high blood pressure, heart disease, water retention and weight gain.

For example you've probably noticed that it's almost impossible not to eat an entire bag of chips or cheetos. Michael Moss, the author of Salt, Sugar and Fat in his book mentions how for example cheetos are designed in a particular way to melt right away in your mouth, so your brain gets fooled and so overwhelmed to thinking that there are no calories in cheetos so you can't stop eating them.

How about sugar and fat addiction?

As much as you want to lose that extra weight and look fit in your favorite summer bikini, you cannot stop yourself from eating the whole ice cream or that piece of pie. By the time you are finished with your ice cream and pie, you've probably been eating lots of other junk foods like nachos, French fries, hot wings, sausage, pizza and hamburgers.

The combination of all that fat, sugar and salt stimulates taste receptors and triggers the center of the brain which gives you instant feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. At least for a short while. The food industry knows how combination of all that fat, sugar and salt is toxic and addictive but they want you to exercise your freedom to eat junk food, so they make money and then invest their money in pharmaceutical and drug companies that will sell you drugs to keep pain in your body at bay.

The soda industry isn't any different

The soda industry have been using aborted human kidney cells to generate taste receptors that can stimulate a type of protein known as G protein familiar to human's taste. I thought if enough people knew about this, they would never ever touch Pepsi or Coca-cola or any other soda.

Many people get severe headaches or feel depressed or anxious after they stop drinking sodas. They also don't know why all their symptoms go away after they have a glass of soda and why they feel almost sick and in pain when they don't drink soda for few days. You might be surprised to know that there are also small traces of cocaine inside Coca Cola. No wonder why many people get addicted to Coke and can't stop drinking it.

Even soy can be very addictive and I've known many women who've had sever migraines after they stopped drinking soy milk. It's important to keep in mind that diet is a habit and when you are quitting a bad habit it's normal to feel sick until you feel better.


Non-fat and low fat diets and low Calorie artificial sweaters

Did you know that non-fat or low fat diets are nothing but the scam of the food industry to make even more money by labeling a product as healthy?

First of all your body needs fat but there is good fat and bad fat. In fact, the fat in avocado or olive oil (Polyunsaturated fatty acids) is good for you and makes you lose weight. On the other hand, saturated fatty acids found in animal products including beef, veal, lamb, pork, shrimp, whole milk, cream and cheese are not good for you. A balanced diet is combined with 30% good fat, 30% protein and 40% carbs, but some bodies might also need 30% good fat, 40% protein, and 30% carbohydrates.

Many people starve themselves with low or non-fat diets and they wonder why they can't still lose weight. Our bodies need good fat and the only way to lose and maintain a healthy weight is to consume a nutritional diet that's well-balanced. Good fat is necessary for your body and will make you even lose weight.

Also, another big scam of food companies is the introduction of low Calorie artificial sweaters. Have you noticed the deceptive ads of diet Coke showing a group of young, slim and good looking teenagers? But the reality couldn't be any further from the truth. The truth is that one of three kids born after the year 2000 are obese and our kids at the age of 10 are now developing type 2 diabetes. TOXIC aspartame in diet Coke has been related to weight gain, obesity, even more craving for sugar, cancer, cardiovascular disease, leukemia, diabetes and many other health problems. So drinking that diet soda does exactly the opposite of what you see on TV ads. Surprisingly, the big dairy corporations have been petitioning FDA to add aspartame to dairy products including milk and cheese without a label. Read more on how Toxic aspartame might be added to dairy products without a label.

So what should you do?

First of all you can boycott all these toxic processed foods and additives like MSG or high fructose corn syrup. Start your days with raw green smoothies that have superfoods including fruits and vegetables.

For many people who are addicted to salt, sugar and fat, the taste of raw green smoothies might not be that appealing at first. But don't give up. You are consuming real nutrients that your body needs so give your body time to adjust to a junk free diet.

Be patient and give your body time to heal & recover. You didn't put on extra 200 Ib in a day and you won't lose all that weight in a week. Most importantly be aware that your brain will be fighting you to go back to a diet high in fat, sugar and salt. Your body needs time to adjust and cleanse itself from all those toxic additives, preservatives and heavy metals.

Add a cleansing program to your diet and have regular exercise. One of the best exercises is 20-30 minutes fast walk couple of time a day or hot yoga.

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