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Papaya / Maca / Noni


In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants, I’m going to talk about health benefits of papaya, maca and noni.

Papaya: Papaya initially was called “the fruit of angels” by Christopher Columbus. Papaya can grow in tropical climates and United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico are the largest producers of papaya. Hawaii is one of the major places that produces papaya in the states. Papaya is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Papaya is a great source of pantothenic and folic acid, fiber, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium, fiber and vitamin A, B and C. Papaya can improve the body’s immune system and protect the body from cold, ear infections and flu. Papaya can also protect the body against colon cancer. The live digestive enzymes in papaya can treat sport injuries, allergies and other reasons of trauma.

The ripe papaya can prevent constipation and because of its live enzymes papaya is very digestible. Papaya is very beneficial for people with upset stomach, nausea, and motion/morning sickness. The high level of fiber in papaya can reduce the level of cholesterol. The antioxidant in papaya such as vitamin C, E and carotene are anti-inflammatory and also great for treating rashes, stings, burns or cuts.

noniMaca: Maca has been planted for 2000 years and has been known to increase endurance and strength. Maca is driven from the roots of maca plant that is an ancient superfood from Peru. Maca is full of nutrients that can energize the body, support fertility, boost the body’s immune system and enhance sexual performance.

Maca is a great energizer for athletes and people who are active. History shows the Incan warriors used maca for increasing their muscle strength and power. Maca can be used for treating andropause in men and menopause in women by regulating hormonal changes. Maca roots are great for improving the memory and neural brain activities. Consuming maca increases blood circulation and heals the wounds in body faster so the skin looks healthier.

Maca stabilizes hormone imbalances in the body and can improve emotional trauma such as depression, anxiety, stress, anger and feeling hopeless.

Noni: For 1500 years, noni has been used as medicine and it's known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties. Noni is full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and enzymes. Noni has been known for its benefits for treating colds and flu, headaches, infections, pain relief, digestive problems and skin disorder. Noni can also boost the body’s immune system, help with weight loss, improve breathing problems, increase alertness and sexual activity and lower depression.


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