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Top 10 Reasons why you should stay away from pesticide ridden foods

Pesticides can significantly harm your health and the health of your loved ones as much as they harm insects, bees and other useful microorganisms in the soil. Here are the top reasons why you should avoid pesticide ridden foods:

#1: Increase in Allergies and asthma: At Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the researchers discovered that there is an undisputable connection between pesticides and allergies. Elina Jerschow, the leading author of the study mentions how breakdown of pesticides in our body can interfere with good bacteria in the gut, weakening our immune system and increasing allergies. The researchers also found out that the use of pesticides can increase asthma, especially in children.


#2: Obesity: Based on a recent study in 2012 published in Environmental Health Perspective, more than 50 pesticides are known to be hormone disruptorspromoting metabolic syndrome, weight gain and obesity.

#3: Infertility: A 2006 study concluded that chemicals used in farming of non-organic apples, strawberries and bell peppers have caused very low testosterone levels in men. Also “atrazine” another pesticide heavily used to kill weeds in the Midwest has been linked to miscarriages and infertility.

#4: Birth defects: Many studies have been linking pesticides in surface water and runways with birth defects. In a study at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Paul Winchester suggests that birth defects affect three out of 100 newborn babies in US every year. He also points out how pesticides can significantly increase the chances of birth defects and other life term chronic diseases.    

#5: Cancer: There are more than 200 studies that link different types of cancer including brain, breast, prostate, bladder, thyroid, colon, live, bone, and with the increase in number of pesticides used in our food supply.

#6: Alzheimer’s: Among many studies, a study by Kathleen M. Hayden, from University Medical Center in Durham, N.C. suggest that exposure to pesticides can cause long-term damage to nervous system and increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. Based on another study by University College of London, exposure to pesticides long term can significantly damage the memory.

#7: Diabetes: Many studies so far have been linking the use of pesticides to diabetes. A study published in 2011 shows how overweight people who consume pesticide ridden foods can have higher chances of diabetes.

#8: Lowe IQ and autism: Many studies show certain pesticides in our food supply can lead to lower IQ and autism in children. A study by Roberts EM from Public Health Institute shows how pregnant women with high level of pesticides in their blood have higher chances of giving birth to a child with ASD. Another study in 2010 shows that kids with high level of pesticides in their urine are at higher risk of autism.

#9: Parkinson’s disease: There are more than 100 studies that show a link between pesticides and Parkinson’s diseases. A study performed by National Institute of Health (NIH) shows how increase in pesticides can cause damages to the nervous system and result in Parkinson’s.


#10: Damage to liver and kidneys: Accumulation of pesticides in our body can cause severe damage to the liver and kidneys.

Despite all these studies the food industry still claims that organic foods are equivalent or have fewer benefits compared to pesticide ridden foods and GMO foods.

At the same time all the presidents, ex-presidents, members of congress, CEOs and even scientists of big companies like Monsanto and DuPont eat ONLY organic food to avoid paying for medication years later. Choose organic sustainable living today. Your life is just as important as a president or an ex-president. Don’t wait until it’s too late or too painful.



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