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Maintaining a Healthy Weight

In the previous section of Seattle Organic Restaurants, I talked about tips on losing weight and healthy diet. For many people losing weight isn’t as big of a deal as maintaining the weight loss. Maintaining the weight loss can be challenging and requires serious changes to your everyday life.

Well-balanced diet


A balanced diet is a diet that has 30% good fat, 30% protein and 40% carbs. There are good fats and bad fats. For example, the fat from wild salmon, olive oil or avocado is good fat that can fight off and get rid of bad fat. Replace red meat with wild fish or kosher organic turkey breast. I’ve heard people say that they don’t like turkey breast because it’s dry so they prefer chicken thighs or wings.

Keep in mind that turkey breast has only 1% fat and chicken breast has 4% fat. Chicken thighs have 14% fat and chicken wings have 39% fat. Fat is the unhealthiest part of the animal. Consuming animal fat everyday is the root of many health problems such as obesity, heart attack, cancer and etc. Organic turkey breast might be dry but it's lean meat and has only 1% fat.

Not all calories are the same


Only counting calories (calories in=calories out) isn’t enough for maintaining the weight loss, because not all calories are equal. The calories from high fructose corn syrup consumed in most processed foods aren’t the type of calories that you can burn by exercising. This also applies to foods that have hormones, artificial coloring, preservatives, caffeine, GMOs, MSG and antibiotics. High fructose corn syrup damages the body cells and sticks to the walls of colon. High fructose corn syrup and lack of fiber in people's diet are the main reasons behind colon cancer and obesity. The best way for marinating a healthy weight loss is consuming raw, organic healthy food; foods that are alive (raw foods, wild salmon and superfoods), and foods that have antioxidants and enzymes.

How does Exercise help?

Regular exercise can help to keep the weight off by changing your metabolism. If you run for about one mile, you can only burn 100 calories. You can undo all the calories you burnt just by eating one candy bar. 20 minutes of jogging is one chocolate chip cookie. Burning calories just by physical exercise is very difficult. When you are obese, it’s a lot easier to get rid of the stubborn fat in the body. Eat a well-balanced diet and try regular exercise. However exercise will help your body to relax and get the toxicity and fat. One of the best fat burning exercises is fast walking. A combination of aerobics and resistance training are also very effective for maintaining a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index). Regular physical activity can eliminate the chances of high blood pressure, cancer, depression, heart problems and many other health issues.

insomniaInsomnia (Lack of Sleep) and Stress

Studies show that lack of sleep and stress can directly impact obesity and weight gain over a period of time. Unfortunately people who work at nights are less likely to live a long healthy life. Having a deep sleep at night will help your body relax, so your liver can get rid of toxicity in the body.

Increasing physical activity can help your body and mind, so relax at night and get a deep night sleep. Stress also makes fat cells grow fast and outnumber. We have an epidemic of obesity, an epidemic of stress and an epidemic of lack of physical activity and all the three are feeding one another. Here are tips on how to control stress, anxiety and depression.

Do not eat late at night

Do not eat late at nights. One of the reasons people find it hard to get a deep night sleep is that they eat late. When you eat late, your brain and liver has to stay up the whole night to digest your food. Try not to eat a big meal after 6 pm so by the time you’re going to sleep your food has already been digested and your liver can rest throughout the night.


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