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Treating Alcoholism

In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants, I want to talk about recommendations and tips on alcohol treatment.

Seek Help from Friends and Professionals

It’s much easier to make behavioral changes by getting support from group of friends, family, professionals or people who have had similar problems as you.


There is alcoholic anonymous group in almost every city in US, so pick up your phone and find a group near you. Some programs like Moderation Management can also help alcoholics to reduce their alcohol consumption.

Consult with a Nutritionist

Alcoholics are at a higher risk of malnutrition than others. Alcoholics are commonly deficient in zinc and folic acid. Zinc plays an important role in production of DNA and RNA. Zinc can reduce anxiety or paranoia and can regulate copper levels in brain. Zinc deficiencies related to alcohol consumption poisons the cells and slows down metabolism. This leads to nutritional deficiencies and malabsorption. Consult with a nutritionist for your specific nutritional needs.

Your diet should include lots of raw organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes. A ten day raw diet high in live enzymes and fiber can detoxify both your liver and body. Avoid foods that stress your liver like saturated fats, processed foods and fried foods. Use primrose oil supplements for essential fatty acids. Alcoholics have sugar metabolism disorder, so make sure not to consume any refined sugar.

Avoid Places and People Associated with Drinking

Avoid being a part of communities or clubs where people consume alcohol. Make new friends with people who do not drink and find a sport or hobby that you like. Exercising promotes self esteem, detoxifies the body and can reduce stress and anxiety.


Withdrawal Symptoms

Keep in mind that if you try to quit alcohol, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Some of these symptoms are anxiety, rapid pulse, hallucinations, insomnia and fever. But once you pass the toxicity phase you start feeling better. Alcoholics need to take supplements, however research shows that alcoholism can be prevented by good nutrition.

Do not Take any Drugs Except those Prescribed by your Physician

Some doctors prescribe the drug called naltrexone that helps to reduce the desire for alcohol consumption. Other physicians might prescribe disulfiram since this drug if taken with small sips of alcohol can cause nausea, vomiting, severe headaches or even death. Alpha-lipoic is also a powerful antioxidant that can treat damaged liver and protect pancreas from alcohol damage. Keep in mind that medications such as antidepressants, tranquilizers, morphine and even some antibiotics can form toxic combination with alcohol. For example, consuming alcohol with antihistamines can supress the central nervous system and combination of alcohol with sleeping pills can be deadly.


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