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Why eating fruits and vegetables are good for you?

In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I'm going to talk about health benefits of vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits are high source of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli have tremendous amount of vitamin C, D and E. By drinking lots of vegetable juices, avoiding junk food, not smoking and regular exercise you can avoid calcium and high cholesterol build up in the arteries and maintain a healthy heart. By consuming vitamin C, D and E the body can regulate itself by absorbing calcium and avoiding plaque buildup in the arteries, liver, kidneys or other organs. Unabsorbed Calcium due to lack of vitamin C and vitamin D, lack of exercise and excessive bad cholesterol (LDL) can result in plaque buildup in the arteries specially in people above the age of 50.


Keep in mind that smoking cigarettes can result plaque buildup in the arteries and people who smoke are at high risk of cardiovascular disease. Raw foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) can help with weight loss and at the same time can reduce the risk of obesity.

In the last few decades, obesity has caused a wave of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart and joint problems, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and dementia. The truth is that the organs in our bodies are not designed to carry twice of our body size when two thirds of Americans are either obese or overweight. 30% of Americans have fatty liver disease. Obese people are 83% more likely to develop kidney disease and dementia. 25% of young at the age of 18 years old cannot get into military because they are obese. Soda and sugary drinks are the number one source of calories in our diets and it’s essential to eliminate all sugary sweetened beverages and increase the consumption of raw fresh products.


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